Let’s Talk

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After a long-time, I have finally written a poem. I have to admit, this is the most mechanical poem I have ever written. There is no major inspiration behind it.

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So here it is,

Let’s Talk

Hey, are you as nervous as I am,
If yes, then let’s get together,
we will have a jam.
Maybe we can become friends
or just disappear and never reconcile,
But let’s make sure,
whatever time we spent,
stays at least for a while.
Together, maybe we can share some stories,
Which will help us in forgetting our worries.
Or, maybe we can sit together for about an hour,
And embrace the silence that will linger, like a shower.
We can discuss –
family, friends, cinema, politics,

spirituality,money and what not,

But please make haste,
sand is falling in the hourglass,
which none of us bought.
If you enjoy my company,
Then we will meet tomorrow.
Else, return back, to our old sorrows.

-Reshma Maurya

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